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At a time when Printer and Copier TCO is spiraling out of control Laser Options offers a program that focuses on Customer requirements as they relate to the Management and Optimization of Output Devices and related business processes.

These Costs are typically un-audited in most organizations. As a component of our unique “INFOTRAC” analysis we provide our customers with Cost visibility to create customized programs that control and manage these costs.

These programs will:

  • Reduce Costs by up to 40%
  • Optimize the fleet by eliminating unnecessary redundancy and over/under utilization
  • Balance the deployment of devices
  • Address Environmental Sustainability reducing carbon footprint relative to paper consumption, recycling, power consumption etc.
  • Address document security surrounding input/output devices
  • Decrease IT overhead and infrastructure support
  • Reduce and automate paper based processes
  • Create a strategic day forward plan to manage devices and costs
  • Control wasteful color printing
  • Via remote monitoring proactively manage supply and service requirements
  • Provide regular account reviews (include graphics)
  • Streamline Processes and assist with compliance such as HIPAA
  • Improve workflow and Productivity Improvement Opportunities for Business Process Automation
  • Help Desk
  • Minimize downtime and extend asset life
  • 2 hour service response. Technicians are guaranteed to contact the user within two hours of receiving the call to diagnose problem and communicate anticipated arrival time.
  • Average four hour service response time (in Maricopa and Pima Counties)
  • Dedicated Technician where a technician is assigned to a particular serial number
  • Security Assessment (Hard drive Wipe and End of Life Data Eradication) secure print and follow me printing.
  • Green Initiative Focus on preserving valuable natural resources (Cartridge Collection and recycle) (Power Consumption) (Solid Waste)/ (Default to Auto Duplex)
  • Printers set by default to toner save mode. Utilization of recycled paper.
  • E-commerce (Ability to enter service and supply orders on-line)
  • Device agnostic programs
  • Local and National Service
  • Auto supply fulfillment
  • Eliminate issues with left over supplies from hardware refresh
  • Match devices to software and compatibility requirements