STMC Certified Remanufactured Laser Printer Cartridges

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Laser Options’ manufacturing facility is located at our Phoenix, Arizona headquarters. We have earned a reputation as having one of the cleanest most organized cartridge manufacturing production facilities in the United States. Our assembly line is equipped with a very sophisticated downdraft system that enables us to greatly reduce the amount of toner particles that enter the air. Used cartridges are handled in our clean room before they enter the line.

Cartridges manufactured at Laser Options have undergone strict third party testing done by the ITC (Imaging Technology Council). The ITC is a global committee that was formed in 1998 and is the most highly respected Imaging Certification Agency in the world. We have earned the prestigious STMC (Standard Test Methods Committee) certification for our remanufactured printing supplies.

STMC certification uses certain test methods, such as ASTM F 1856 for yield and ASTM F 2036 for image density and background. These test methods are used to evaluate a finished cartridge in comparison to another cartridge, typically the OEM cartridge. Laser Options is one of only 250 remanufacturers worldwide to achieve this certification.

Laser Options prides itself on offering fully remanufactured toner cartridges. Each cartridge is completely disassembled and cleaned. We replace all internal and external parts with either new or recycled, long-life components. This includes, but is not limited to, the primary charge roller (PCR), wiper blades, doctor blades, corona wire assembly, felts, gears and the optical photo-conductive (OPC) drum; resulting in a failure rate of less than 2%.
All of our toner is provided to us in pre-measured, recycled containers; as a result, all of our hoppers are filled to the industry standard capacity. Our cartridges only use toner that is directly compatible with the OPC drum unit.

After the cartridge is reassembled, it is brought to testing. Every cartridge that comes off the assembly line at Laser Options is tested. These cartridges are placed in their respective laser printers. These printers have devices connected to them that allow us to run a series of specialized test pages. Every aspect of print is produced on these test pages, including gray scales, solids and text. Cartridges that do not pass the testing phase are brought back to the assembly line and inspected.

Cartridges that have passed testing are put into protective packaging, recyclable, corrugated cardboard boxes- along with its test page. These boxes are clearly labeled with the cartridge type and a listing of the most popular printer models the cartridge goes to. We also stamp this label with the remanufacturing date. This date also acts as an expiration date, as toner cartridges should be used within one year of remanufacturing. In an effort to prevent the defacing of the cartridge box (since we reuse this item), we provide a small label where an end-user can write down instructions, comments or any other information deemed useful to him/her; there is even a box to check to mark the contents as spent.