Nobody’s Perfect

Laser Options formed a partnership with the non-profit organization Nobody’s Perfect Inc, in June of 2011. This agency provides proactive planning for special needs learning disabled. Laser Options provides vocational training for adult developmentally disabled in our Phoenix facility. Our partnership also includes the joint view of recycling and keeping toner cartridges out of the land fills.

About Nobody’s Perfect:

Founded as a non-profit agency in January of 2006, Nobody’s Perfect was established to support the choices of those with developmental disabilities and their families. These are valued people involved and participating in the community, making decisions for themselves. They assist their clients in qualifying for programs that would benefit them and their desire for productive living and financial success.


Arizona State Set Aside Program:

This program is sponsored by the State Procurement Office, which is dedicated to creating winning solutions for the State of Arizona. Participation helps fulfill the requirement established under A.R.S. 41-2636 that all State governmental units must endeavor to set aside one percent of new purchases or contracts for products, materials, and services from Arizona Industries for the Blind (AIB), Certified Non-Profit Agencies for Disabled Individuals (C-NADI), or Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI). The NPI program recycles used OEM laser printer cartridges and provides them to remanufacturers like Quality Connections (contract # EPS080088-1-A-1) who can offer them for resale to the State. The NPI Cartridge Recycling Program is provided at no cost to the State or to your business. Here is how it works:

  1. NPI places its recycling receptacle(s) in your office.
  2. Your office personnel place their used OEM inkjet and laser cartridges in the receptacle.
  3. When your receptacle is full, your office designee calls the NPI Recycling Hotline at 480-994-1215. (This number is also found on your receptacle.
  4. NPI will then replace or empty the full receptacle.


Laser Toner Recycling Program:

In November of 2009 we were awarded a contract to the State of Arizona to pick up and recycling empty laser toner cartridges. Through the Arizona State Set Aside Program, we have an enclave that travels to most of the state owned buildings collecting empty cartridges. This is offered at no charge to the state and revenue is generated as we sell the cartridges to companies that re-fill them with toner and sell them as remanufactured. We are working on other options for this recycling business that save money and keep our environment clean.

To learn more about this foundation or the program please visit